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the Haute Monde
® Homes Brand!

Do you have a hotel or home that is not working like it should?

Low occupancy

Interior design lacking

Old decor

Unsatisfied guests

Difficulty with cleaners and maintanance

No time to manage the property

Interior design and Branding with Haute Monde® Homes

From technical management, cleaners and or sub contractor maintenance management through to design and refurbishments, our properties have a reputation for luxury with the Haute Monde® Homes brand.

Open Livingroom

Exposing your home through the right avenues

Sit back and relax. We can list your property and manage all bookings on all of the leading websites,, expedia, airbnb,, secret escapes and advertised through the Haute Monde® Homes website. We use AI tools to see developing and emerging trends in your area to maximise your occupancy rates and tools to support instant books dependable on whether the customer is browsing and booking on their phone as an incentive or a laptop or desktop computer.

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Interior Services
Photography and Seasonal Home Staging

Haute Monde® Homes has links with key commercial and hotel furniture firms and sub contractors so we can offer you the best options. We also get the right contractor for your job and ensure time, quality and costs are well managed.

We also supply seasonal decor and can also stage your home for the very best professional photographs for advertising and press release.

Designer Apartment
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